Had to put down my pug today.

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Had to put down my pug today.

Post by paulb » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:27 pm

I write this post to remember my dog Howard. He was a good boy and would say hello to everyone. You stop near him and he would come up to people.

Because of this I kept a close eye on him and always worried. He was very old nearly 14 years and became frail and lost his trot when he walked. Recently I brought in an Old English Sheep dog home and he doesn't like pugs.

I gave the dogs treats and went for a shower after walking them. While I was doing this Howard took his treat into the bedroom and was attacked by the sheepdog and damaged his eye. After a few days of mending it didn't look like it would heal.

It was decided to put him down yesterday but hesitated a day and took him this Sept 11th 2019. He cried when he was taken from my wife and placed in a container at the Humane Society. Sad end

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